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Easter/Passover Recipe Roundup with Slow Cooker Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole

blueberry french toast 03   Twice a year the LDS church has a General Conference, where the members of the church gather together all over the world to watch a broadcast from the leaders of the church.  Over the weekend, members are blessed to hear a total of 8 hours of uplifting talks and music. General Conference is a […] Continue reading →

#SundaySupper Turns 2! Celebrate with Me and Original Slow Cooker Party Mix!

2014-01-10 12.21.05 When I learned that this week’s theme was a birthday party for the #SundaySupper Movement, I was excited!  I’ve only been participating with these great people for a couple of months, and I’ve already gained so many friends, learned so many great recipes, and really felt like I’m a part of something important!  So HAPPY […] Continue reading →

Slowly Bringing in the New Year – Slow Cooker Apricot Jalapeño Pork Chops #SundaySupper

2014-01-04 18.13.29 It’s simple really, take a bunch of ingredients and throw them in the slow cooker.  Cook them for awhile, and viola, dinner.  I love making meals in the slow cooker.  I love making dessert in the slow cooker.  I love making snacks in the slow cooker.  I love making side dishes in the slow cooker. […] Continue reading →

Slow Cooker Johnsonville Chiliville Chili #JvilleKitchens, #AllstarsJville

Slow Cooker Johnsonville Chiliville Chili #JvilleKitchens, #AllstarsJville If you read my earlier post Creamy Pesto Gnocchi with Italian Sausage, you might remember me telling you about the Johnsonville  Chili Swap Challenge – #JohnsonvilleSausageSwap on Pinterest.  For full details visit Johnsonville’s Site about it, or check out my Creamy Pesto Gnocchi with Italian Sausage post.  It’s simple really, Follow the Johnsonville Pinterest Board, find […] Continue reading →

It’s Fall – Slow Cooker Chunky Pumpkin and Roasted Tomato Chili

In the fall of last year I created this recipe for Slow Cooker Chunky Pumpkin and Roasted Tomato Chili.  It’s a combination of two of my favorite Fall flavors – pumpkin and chili, and it has the delicious roasted tomatoes thrown in.  It can be a very complicated recipe, it uses dry beans, and you roast […] Continue reading →