Firehouse Haluski – Sausage, Cabbage and Noodles – YUM

 2013-11-03 19.00.06

This month the Allstars assignments are light, so a few of us have decided to work on one of our favorite activities – Faceless Recipes.  Faceless recipes are recipes on that don’t have a picture yet.  The original writer came up with a yummy recipe, but didn’t take a photo when they made it.  When I think about it, it’s only recently that most people have become food photographers at home.  Besides food bloggers and Pinterest fanatics I don’t guess most people take pictures of their food.  Because of this, many recipes submitted on allrecipes are without photos.  To us, they’re known as “faceless.”  A group of us are working on “faceless” recipes this month, in an effort to put a beautiful face to some of allrecipes’ best recipes.

I started the month with a recipe that uses ingredients I had on hand, Polish Sausage, cabbage and egg noodles.  Technically, the recipe calls for Kluski noodles, which are a thicker egg noodle, but since I didn’t have any, I used regular egg noodles.

The recipe starts with cooking the noodles, just like you always would.

Next cook the cabbage and onions in some water until they are slightly done.  Here are the cabbage and onions just before being added to the pot.

2013-11-03 18.22.49

Then you toss them into a skillet with some oil until they start to brown, add the sausage until it’s warmed through, toss in some mustard seeds, and season to taste with salt and pepper.

To be honest, at this point, even my largest skillet was too full.  I whipped out one of my smaller skillets, tossed some of the mixture into it, and added a couple of eggs, which I stirred into it to cook.  Then I tossed the rest of the eggs into the original skillet and cooked them up.  It was delicious – and there was enough to feed a full firestation of hungry men!  I only had my family, so of course we had plenty of leftovers.

2013-11-03 18.59.44


I’m glad we started our “faceless” mission with this recipe. If you were doing faceless recipes, what recipes would you search for?  Stay tuned for more faceless this month!


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3 thoughts on “Firehouse Haluski – Sausage, Cabbage and Noodles – YUM

  1. Great combo and looks so good!

  2. Dear Cheryl, This sounds like a good and hearty meal to meal. I would enjoy it. blessings, Catherine

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