Getting Ready for TGD & Getting Ready for A Giveaway – Our Thanksgiving Eve

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I am making 3 dishes for my family’s annual Thanksgiving get together.  I am the oldest of 5 children, three of us will be gathering with our families and extended families, in-laws, and all.  For the most part we all have been together for many years, but occasionally there are newbies, someone gets married, or one of my favorites someone has a baby and we have a newborn newbie like we will tomorrow (well, technically she was born in January, so she’s a little more than a newborn, but you get what I mean).  Most of my family are pretty set in our ways about what we like to bring to the potluck gathering.  My sister, who hosts, fries a couple of turkeys.  My mom roasts a large turkey and makes stuffing, my sister’s in-laws (mother, sisters, and brother) each have their favorite side dishes that they bring, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pies, you name it.    Hubby and I have varied what we’ve brought from year to year.  Several years ago I started making pies, I started with apple, which got RAVE reviews, so I made it a couple years in a row.  Then I made my black bottom banana cream pie.  From then on I was instructed by my mom not to come if I wasn’t bringing one (she’s a kidder, but she does really like that pie, and the only time she gets it is when I make it for TGD).  I’m really good at baking bread, so a couple years ago I started making rolls.  Last year I made yummy rolls from a recipe I found on   I made them into clover rolls, just like I did with the winter squash rolls I made a couple of weeks ago.


This year I made Winter Squash Rolls, again.  They’re rising overnight and I’ll shape and bake them just before dinner at 1 pm.

I also made a couple more Black Bottom Banana Cream Pies.  I blogged about that recipe last Sunday.  I froze one of the pies I made then, so I’ll have three for tomorrow.  I’m anxious to find out how the frozen pie fared.

The third dish I made was Squash and Apples, but I changed this one,  more about it after we’ve eaten it.  I put it together tonight and will bake it tomorrow afternoon.  I made this dish because I like to make a different side dish each Thanksgiving.  Last year I made a brussels sprouts dish (I <3 brussels sprouts!).  They were pretty much devoured.  I certainly loved them.



Hopefully the Squash and Apples will be just as well recieved.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  And as much as I love Christmas, I love to have Thanksgiving without Christmas interuptions.  I DO, however, know how important Christmas shopping and giving is, which is why I decided to co-host this Giveaway. I’ve pooled my resources together with 41 other AWESOME bloggers to bring you an Amazon gift bundle worth $500!  Please come back sometime between midnight Thanksgiving and December 2nd to enter, I would love to see you win!  And you don’t have to wait long, winner will be announced on the 3rd!  Start spending the gift card and getting ready to wrap the gift you choose soon!

42 blogs are bringing you an amazing giveaway to get your holiday season underway! We’re hoping to make the holiday season easier for one of our lucky readers, $500.00 worth of easier that is! 
The winner will be able to choose from an XBOX 360 Kinect Nike+ Bundle, a Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, or a KitchenAid 5 Quart Stand Mixer in the color of your choice! Oh and to top it all off, we’re going to give you the difference in an Amazon gift card to make your grand prize total $500.00
For example, if you choose the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ as your prize, it’s $229.00. 
$500.00-$229.00=$271 Amazon gift card. 
Amounts based on price at time of shipment.
Sounds like something you’d like to win, right? Well, without further rambling, on to the giveaway! Good luck!

I hope to see you here!  HUGS & HAPPY TGD!

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